Happy Monday

It’s always tough getting through the first full work week after holiday time off. Here is a quick snap to break up your day, don’t you just want to tear into it?! It’s true, not all egg sandwiches are created equal.

Nom, nom!
Nom, nom!

1 Bays English Muffin – check your grocers cold section
2 eggs
3 sliced baby bella mushrooms
1 slice of Vermont Cheddar
1/4 tsp organic ghee
1/4 tsp reserved bacon fat

Pinch of Sea salt, cayenne, and white pepper to taste

Warm up a small non-stick pan while you’re prepping, on Medium heat. Slide the cooking fats onto it and let them make friends. When the pan is nice and hot, add the mushrooms with a sprinkling of salt and the pepper. Make sure they aren’t crowded, they don’t like it.  Let them develop a golden crust – turn and brown the other side. Put these guys aside on a small plate so you can cook your eggs in the same pan.

I like to crack my eggs into a small bowl just in case the world shifts and my egg explodes leaving shell shrapnel in my intended breakfast. Now, add your eggs to the pan and reduce the temp to low. Sprinkle them with the salt, pepper, and cayenne (I like mine a little spicy). I prefer to leave my yolk runny, I call them “dippy” eggs and they make me happy. The trick is letting them take their time, nice and low. Just before they are cooked to your liking, add one half of your english muffin to the pan for an additional toasting and to soak up all the sinful ghee and bacon fat. I won’t tell anyone if you smear it with a little butter before doing so…I may have done that here. Don’t forget to add your cheese to the top of the eggs so it melts and get’s all gooey.

Finally assemble your oh-so-decadent egg sandwich. Mushrooms on the bottom, mushrooms on the top, you choose. Happy Monday everyone 🙂