About this blog: 

I enjoy writing, it makes me feel like I’m rebelling against myself. It’s uncomfortable and I’m bound to make some mistakes, but it’s easier than most things. I’m a quiet girl and happily introverted on most occasions. Too much noise haunts me, yet the sound of garlic sizzling in butter soothes me. That, and a glass of red with a little jazz in the background, of course. Cooking is just an extension of my vocabulary and a language with which I’m continually enamored.

I shop local and seasonal ingredients when I can, which isn’t nearly as often as I would like. Easily intrigued and curious with all facets of food – I want to learn to butcher a whole animal. I want to know the farmer who humanely raised it and see where the food came from, from which it fed during its precious life. It’s the methodical process, I like that.

It’s always been a challenge for me to focus for any length of time on any one particular thing. I bore, probably too easily. A daydreamer in the classroom, a drifter in conversation… but in my kitchen I am fully present. I write from a place of love and gratitude for the things that I cook for my little family and those with whom I share my life. This is a place of catharsis and reflection.

About me:

kristen1I did not go to culinary school, yet wish almost daily that I had. My name is Kristen though you can call me Kris. I live in the furthest Southeast corner of Connecticut with my husband, who I’ll call Road Dog, and our rescue  – Keiko (a pit/black lab mix), who has many other names by which we call her. I’m fairly certain it was she who rescued us. I am the daughter of a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer and the wife of a Connecticut State Trooper, and I am proud to bear both titles. I thrive amongst rules and boundaries – which tells me that I most likely should have gone into the military. Or to pastry school. Whichever.

I hold a BA in Administration of Justice from Salve Regina University. Four years of college to someday become a police officer. Instead, I married one. Of those four years, I spent four short months abroad in Rome at the insistence of a man whom I had never known, my Grandfather. If not for him I wouldn’t have experienced how richly someone could eat live with such few very simple things. If not for him, I wouldn’t be able to say that my first wine tasting took place in the cellar of a vineyard somewhere in the hills of Tuscany… I had no idea how special that was at the time.

On weekends you’ll find me behind the bar at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, probably Connecticut’s premier destination on the wine trail, and my home away from home. The Saltwater family is somewhat of a beautifully dysfunctional Brady Bunch. We spend every weekend together for the nine months that our doors are open, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Then, as of April 2014, I signed on with the team at Gourmet Galley Catering as their new Sales Assistant. They let me blog, play on social media, and talk to new clients about how awesome we are. Because we are.

In between all of this, I try to stay active so I can keep up with my other half (a marathoner and aspiring Iron Man).  I dabble in hot yoga (it makes me feel earthy and fierce), spin (pain is good?), hike (man, I love the White Mountains), and kayak (on calm local waters) as often as possible.

Thank you Mommy!

Thank you for being here, and welcome to my table. I hope you like what I serve up.



~ K





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